All Claims

  • Notify us immediately – we can then guide you through the process.
  • If the claim involves a motor accident, a theft or the loss of an item you MUST report the incident to the South African Police Services as soon as possible and obtain a case reference number.
  • If your claim is for a lost or stolen mobile phone, you will need to contact your service provider and have the phone blacklisted.
  • Take reasonable precautions to protect any damaged property to prevent further damage or loss occurring.
Plus, for Motor Accident Claims

  • If your car cannot be driven arrange for it to be towed to a place of safety but ENSURE the tow truck operator is either AA or SAMBRA approved.
  • Never admit liability, no matter how “guilty” you feel – merely advise the third party ” I will report the claim to my Insurers who will handle the matter on my behalf”.
  • Try and obtain contact details for any witnesses who were not in any of the vehicles involved in the collision.
  • Write down as much detail regarding the third party as you can eg, name, ID number, address, phone numbers, car registration numbers etc – the more information you are able to provide Insurers, the stronger the possibility of recovery. (See Witness Statement)
  • If your vehicle can be driven, obtain a quote from a panel beater who is a SAMBRA member. If you do not know of any, contact us and we’ll supply you with names of a few in your area.
  • A copy of the driver’s licence must accompany the claim form.
And, for Motor Theft Claims

  • Locate keys, remotes, spare keys.
  • Locate Registration certificate.
  • Obtain a letter from your Finance company (if applicable) stating settlement figure.
  • Locate a copy of the last service invoice, if possible.
  • Locate documentation to support non-factory fittings.
  • A copy of the driver’s licence must accompany the claim form.
For Windscreen Claims

  • Go directly to any windscreen glass fitment centre.
  • Take your driver’s licence with you.
  • The fitment centre will contact us directly for authority to repair/ replace your windscreen.
  • They will supply you with a claim form and submit it to us.
  • You will only need to pay them the excess, if any, not the whole repair bill.