Whether your business is a ‘little corner shop’ or a multi-million Rand corporation, Royal Union has a Business Insurance solution that’s perfect for you. Business Insurance has been at the core of our services and over the years, we have designed and implemented many diverse insurance programmes to suit different types of businesses. Our flexibility enables us to interact with equal efficiency, whether we are dealing with a small business owner or with the financial management team of a large international company.

Royal Union has access to both local and international markets, so are always in a position to find the right market for you. Our Lloyds Open Market Correspondent status allows us direct access to this influential UK insurance market.

When devising business insurance solutions to fit your requirements, we do not make use of generic ‘one size fits all’ policies. Rather, we conduct an in depth analysis of your company’s exposure and develop a unique portfolio tailored to your needs.


  • Sectional Title and other buildings.
  • The Hospitality industry.
  • Marine and Transit risks.
  • Stock Throughput.
  • Liability.
  • Construction and Engineering projects.
  • Assets of Every Description.
  • Travel.
  • Motor Fleets.
  • Personal Accident.
  • Risk Management.
  • Global Portfolio Design.
  • Risks in the African subcontinent.


Royal Union specialises in Risk Transfer Solutions. Established in 1993, we have a varied and long-standing clientele spanning across all sectors of Trade and Industry. We offer protection against many risks, and believe that buying insurance is only part of the Risk Transfer process and more often than not, should only be used as a last resort.


In addition to the standard protection afforded by “All Risks” contracts, the following Extentions are and can be included:

  • Condensation iro FCL’s.
  • Strikes Diversion Costs.
  • Insufficient or unsuitability of Packing or preparation.
  • Removal of Brand Names and Trade Marks in determining Salvage value.
  • Concealed damage.
  • Goods purchased on restrictive terms covered All Risks.
  • Fumigation Clause.
  • Airfreight Replacement.
  • Repatriation Costs following Hijack/Armed Robbery.
  • Unexplained losses from sealed FCL’s.
  • General Average.
  • Re-forwarded Goods.
  • Cover for Racking and Shelving.
  • Disposal of Salvage.

The protection provided by this product is comprehensive and protects raw materials, work in progress and finished goods whilst anywhere in the world, excluding countries under sanction. Your Inventory will be protected from the time it becomes at your risk or your responsibility including whilst in transit, by land, sea, rail or air including whilst in storage, held as stock, undergoing processing or assembly, renovation or repair until finally delivered to its intended destination.


Our expert knowledge and capability in this unique field means that we have a detailed understanding of the risks associated with your business, which could range from ship damage and maritime construction risks, to natural catastrophes and piracy. Our specifically designed cover offers your business maximum protection.


  • Cargo being sent to or received from any where in the world (ie imports, exports and sendings/transport within RSA.
  • Includes cargo sent per air, road or rail.
  • Boats – referred to as “hull” cover.
  • Liabilities associated with the Marine world, Carriers Liability, Cargo Liability, P&I risks, Stevedoring, Ship’s Chandlers, Freight forwarders and the like.
  • In fact anything to do with Ships and shipping.


In an industry where genuine personal attention has been replaced by generic ‘one size fits all’ policies, Royal Union offers tailored personal insurance, specific to your unique circumstances. No two of our insurance policies are the same, and you can be assured you will be provided with the absolute best cover for your needs and flawless personal service.

We look out for your best interests, so your policies are transparent and easily understandable. We explain everything clearly with minimal jargon, so there are no unpleasant, unexpected surprises when it comes to claiming.

In addition, our policies are inclusive of features that other insurance providers consider to be optional extras. Items such as car hire, cover for the hired car and emergency assist to name a few, are standard parts on all our policies, ensuring beyond a doubt that you are well protected, no matter what happens.

Unique to Royal Union, the Saver Series of insurance products is available to both business (Commercial Saver ®) and personal (Royal Saver ®) clients and offers the ultimate in flexibility combined with competitive pricing. The concept is based on co-insurance principles where you – the Insured – carry a portion of the risk up to an amount you feel comfortable with. In return for carrying a portion of the risk, you receive a portion of the premium to fund claims falling within this self insured portion. This concept allows you to reap immediate financial rewards by linking your policy to a corporate savings account. In line with our risk management philosophy, each Saver policy is individually underwritten.

What this all means is that you have complete control over your policy and can tailor it perfectly to suit your needs and circumstances.

In terms of business clients, the Saver Series serves as a bridge between a fully insured client and one who wants to move towards self-insurance, allowing time to ‘build’ a fund, yet still have access to the funds if the need arises.

The Saver Series can be applied to any type of insurance policy, but it is best suited to clients who ‘take more care’. If you are the type of person who tends to look after and protect your assets from loss or damage, then the Saver Series is the ideal fit for you.