Royal Union specialises in Risk Transfer Management. Established in 1993 we have a vast and long-standing clientele spanning all sectors of Trade and Industry. Our expertise is not limited solely to the protection of assets in transit. We offer protection against all risks and believe that the last thing a company should do is insure. We will guide you along this exciting path and provide you with sensible advice.

Every company’s needs and objectives are different, so there is no point in your buying an “off the shelf” programme. We will meet with you to discuss and analyse your needs and then design a programme that suits you. Our experience with various forms of Risk Transfer place us in a position to be able to do just that. We are able to protect your inventory from the time it becomes yours, through storage, alteration, manufacture or similar processes until finally delivered to your customer.

We protect your inventory no matter how it is transported. Whether by land, sea or air. You are also able to choose whether or not you wish to protect only certain aspects. Maybe you are only concerned with the risks to which your imports are exposed and don’t want protection whilst in transit by road. You may only be concerned with exports. It doesn’t matter. You decide.


Underwritten by LLoyds of London

In addition to the standard protection afforded by “All Risks” contracts, the following Extentions are and can be included:

  • Condensation iro FCL’s.
  • Strikes Diversion Costs.
  • Insufficient or unsuitability of Packing or preparation.
  • Removal of Brand Names & Trade Marks in determining Salvage value.
  • Concealed damage.
  • Goods purchased on restrictive terms covered All Risks.
  • Fumigation Clause.
  • Airfreight Replacement.
  • Repatriation Costs following Hijack/Armed Robbery.
  • Unexplained losses from sealed FCL’s.
  • General Average.
  • Reforwarded Goods.
  • Cover for Racking & Shelving.
  • Disposal of Salvage.


The protection provided by this product is comprehensive and protects raw materials, work in progress and finished goods whilst anywhere in the world, excluding countries under sanction. Your Inventory will be protected from the time it becomes at your risk or your responsibility including whilst in transit, by land, sea, rail or air including whilst in storage, held as stock, undergoing processing or assembly, renovation or repair until finally delivered to its intended destination.

Whether the Inventory is in transit, by land, sea or air, local or overseas, protection is in place on an All Risks basis.
Because Insurance does form part of most Risk Transfer Programmes, (RTP) we, of necessity have to refer to and make use of certain accepted Insurance terminology and for your protection include specific clauses in the cover.

We offer protection for “cross voyage” sending’s, which in essence means the inventory or merchandise you purchase doesn’t come into South Africa before being sent to your customer. We can therefore protect goods that you purchase in say the Far East and send directly to your customer in the USA. This protection is not generally or easily available through locally based Service Providers.

The cost of the protection is determined by applying a rate percent to your estimated annual turnover and the extent of the protection is set by you in the form of limits and is not subject to the principle of average as contained in conventional Insurance Policies.

This means the amount at risk does not determine the cost and you are therefore able to set realistic limits in order to ensure your interests are fully protected.
You are able to determine different limits for Exports, Imports, Goods in Transit and the Static Risks normally associated with Inventory, viz, Fire, Theft and Malicious Damage.
As your inventory moves through its different stages it is subject to different values and our programme caters for this.

Raw materials can be valued at landed cost plus a fixed percentage, whereas finished goods are valued at selling price.

A further advantage of our programme is that we are able to include protection for inventory at Exhibitions, Trade Fairs and Demonstrations, thereby enhancing its effectiveness.
We are able to provide you with Lloyds Insurance Certificates where you are required to demonstrate “Proof of Insurance”

Many extensions to the cover included as standard.



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