• Domestic underwriting is done in-house via our domestic products which provide excellent cover at competitive rates.
  • We issue policies and process endorsements.
  • The portfolio is not subject to ‘across the board’ market rate increases or wording changes – any adjustment is negotiated prior to implementation.
  • The scheme’s loss ratio is excellent and the business is therefore very attractive to insurers.
  • We administer all aspects of the scheme and it is therefore very mobile. We can change insurers at the press of a button.
  • Routine servicing functions are handled by the department, and the broker needn’t be heavily involved if he chooses not to be.
  • Renewals are handled annually in accordance with a strictly controlled workflow system.
  • As with Domestic Underwriting, Commercial Underwriting is done in-house and we issue policies in our offices.
  • Each risk is individually negotiated with the Insurer and policies are issued to suit the client’s own unique circumstances.
  • Renewal procedures are strictly adhered to, allowing brokers ample time to negotiate with insurers, visit clients and issue closing instructions prior to renewal.
  • Staff are able to receive instructions and deal directly with clients, advising underwriters accordingly.
Financial Management
  • Our computer system creates sub-agencies, allowing us to account for all commissions owing to brokers.
  • Premium collection is monitored and invoices, as well as statements, are issued and followed up.
  • VAT, Regional Services Board, Inseta and similar returns are prepared timeously and submitted to the authorities concerned.
  • We operate our own debit order collection system which enables us to rectify mistakes as soon as they are discovered. There is no need to wait 3 weeks before refunds are processed, as is the case with many insurers.
  • Bordeaux and premium payments comply with legislative requirements.
  • All client monies are handled via a Trust Account.
  • Claims are handled from notification to finalisation, including follow up on recoveries.
  • Claims are closely monitored to ensure no undue delays arise.
  • Detailed claims experience for each client.
  • Liaison between the claims and underwriting departments ensures no lost or ‘written off’ items remain insured.