Pleasant working conditions in a modern office environment at Royal Union
  • Modern prestigious offices create a professional image
  • Ample parking, which encourages clients to visit
  • Security and access control
  • Tea and cleaning services
  • Close proximity to shops
  • Access to the group’s agency contracts with insurers.
  • Access to our unique ‘top of the range’ domestic policy.
  • Access to premium finance arrangements for large annual clients.
  • Access to self-funding policy arrangements – almost ‘rent a captive’
  • Membership via the group of insurance related professional bodies.
  • Industry related publications that are subscribed to and circulated to keep you up to date.
  • Access to other divisions: Investments (including Offshore Investments), Financial/Retirement planning, Employee benefits such as Provident/Pension funds and Medical Aids; Accounting and Financial services (from tax returns to the full financial managers function). This offers a broader spectrum of services to your clients and will broaden your income base.
  • Access to generic forms and reports prepared on various portfolios (both existing and prospective accounts)
  • Access to specimen Review Guides, Needs Analyses and other compliance documentation.
Electronic Equipment
  • AIT solutions for policy and client management.
  • Paperless office environment – we simply have no files.
  • State of the art telecommunications.
Statutory Requirements
  • Adequate PI and FG cover.
  • IGF requirements absorbed into the group’s facility.
  • PPR compliance
  • Compliance with the FAIS Act
  • Our staff are well trained and have either a tertiary education, in-house training, or a combination of both.
  • Neat, professional appearance – staff wear smart, tasteful uniforms.
  • 4 clearly defined departments i.e. Commercial, Domestic, Claims and Financial Management.
  • Employment conditions and contracts in accordance with the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995.
  • Access to a Labour Relations specialist.